Using metafield for short description


The introduction of metafields with OS 2.0 added a new depth to Shopify themes and allowed an easier setup for merchants to be able to add unique content to their products beyond the standard description and images offered in the Shopify admin.

Support for some metafield definitions will very much depend on your theme & version. Where blocks that contain text are available for selection, metafields that include text content should work without issue. Where images or references to products are selected it is likely that code will need to be modified as each theme will have its own content options.

Shopify’s metafields guide

Firstly, Shopify has their own Support page explaining metafields and should be your first place to head. Shopify will continue to make updates to metafields and their accompanying support documentation in the coming months, so it’s always good to check out their documentation as it is the main source of reliable information on this.

1.Creating custom metafield definitions

2.Adding values to metafield

3.Displaying a short description metafield on your product page

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