Lute Section - Multirow


You can add a section that contains multiple rows each with an image, text, and an optional button. Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

You can also display metaobjects content through dynamic sources. To display metaobjects entries, you need to build a metaobject, create entries, and ensure the metaobject has storefront access before you can use them in multirow sections.

Section settings

Setting Description
Section width Set the width of the section using the drop-down menu:
  • Grid
  • Full width
Show top outline Displays the top outline of the section.
Show bottom outline Displays the bottom outline of the section.
Color scheme Set the color scheme of the section using the drop-down menu:
  • Background
  • Primay
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Custom
Background color Set the background of the section,visible when the Color scheme setting is set to Custom.
Text color Set the text of the section,visible when the Color scheme setting is set to Custom.
Image position Choose the position of the images. Placement is automatically optimized for mobile:
  • Alternate from left (default)
  • Alternate from right
  • Left
  • Right
Text alignment Choose from Left, Center and Right.
Heading size Set the height of heading using the drop-down menu:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Button style The style of the button. Choose between Primary and Secondary.
SECTION SPACING ADJUSTMENT Visible on desktop view and 'Section width' is Grid. You can set global vertical space in 'Theme settings -> Layout -> Vertical space between sections'.
Top Set the top spacing of the section.
Bottom Set the bottom spacing of the section.

Row block

Setting Description
Image Click Select image to choose an image for the section. Click the Change button to change or remove the image
Edit alt text Click to set image alt text for search engine optimization and to describe the image for customers using screen readers.
Image width Set the width of the image. Defaults to 50%.
Subheading Subheading of the row block.
Heading Heading of the row block..
Description Description of the row block..
Button label The text that displays on the button.
Button link The URL that you want the button to link to.

Section cases

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