Banjo Creative Template Case - Product


Default product template controls the features, layout, and settings for the product page. Merchants use the product page (also known as a PDP or product details page) to highlight the features and benefits of each product. Customers use the features on the product page to learn about the product and add their preferred options to the cart.


Customize section

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. Find Banjo theme that you want to edit, and then click Customize.
  3. You need to open up any product, from inside the theme editor area, or select the product page from the dropdown at the top.
Note:All settings here will be applied to all products, not just the one you are on. If you are looking to have different sections on different products.

Section settings

By default, product pages have a Page header section, a Product information section, a Image with text section section, a Product recommendations section and a Recently viewed products section.

Page header section

Setting Value
Section width Full width

Product information

Setting Value
Section width Grid
Image ratio Adapt to image
Image fit container Checked
Enable zoom Unchecked
Desktop layout Stack images
Media centered Checked
Media width 100%


Product rating block
Setting Value
Price block
Setting Value
Size Small
Variant picker block
Setting Value
Picker type Color image swatch and button
Quantity selector block
Setting Value
Show inventory quantity Checked
Inventory quantity threshold 18
Buy buttons block
Setting Value
Show dynamic checkout buttons Checked
Show local pickup availability Checked
Share block
Setting Description
Text Share
Description drawer block

This block displays description.

Setting Value
Heading Description
Shipping and Payment - Drawer tab block
Setting Value
Heading Shipping and Payment
Drawer content from page Select a page
Size chart - Drawer tab block
Setting Value
Heading Size chart
Image Choose a image.
Drawer content Content
Drawer content from page Choose a page.
Short description
Setting Value
Short description position Right
Content Choose a metafeild

Recently viewed